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Fuller Projection Air-Ocean World Dymaxion Map -- Beautiful four color poster (34 inches X 22 inches).

Fuller Projection Air-Ocean World Dymaxion Map

The Dymaxion™ Air-Ocean World map, invented by R. Buckminster fuller, shows our planet without any visible distortion of relative shapes and sizes of the land and sea areas, and without any breaks in the continental contours. A favorite with Bucky fans, schools, students of all ages, and parents. Get one for each of the kids and one for you too. (Order)  

The Air-Ocean World Dymaxion Map includes major rivers, cities and mean low temperature gradients. Although people easily live in hotter weather by sweating, low temperatures determine their need for shelter. (Order)

Enjoy this beautiful four color poster (34" X 22")(86cm X 56cm) printed on heavy-gauge paper from the moment you receive it. It's perfect for framing or laminating. (Order)

Don't waste another day looking at other distorted projections of the earth. This map is the world's most accurate global projection. It has at most a 2% distortion at any one place. (Order)

(Edges of icosa triangles equal to: 1:47,000,000 scale; 63° 26'; 3806 nautical miles; 8.5 jet aircraft hours; 7 ship days). R. Buckminster Fuller and Shoji Sadeo, Cartographers. (U.S. Patent 2,393,676)

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Our Spaceship Earth Satellite Self Portrait Dymaxion Map -- spectacular -- must be seen -- a truly stunning, cloud-free image of our worldOur Spaceship Earth:
One Island in One Ocean ... from space

Satellite Self Portrait Dymaxion Map

Fondly called Our Spaceship Earth, this map combines the latest in natural color satellite photograph technology with the accuracy of the Fuller Projection to create a truly stunning, cloud-free image of our world. (Order)

The Satellite Self-Portrait Dymaxion Map shows a remarkable cloud-free view of Earth was produced by mosaicking hundreds of individual satellite images acquired from the NOAA (US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) series of weather satellites which orbit the earth at an altitude of 520 miles (820 km).

Once the base satellite mosaic had been completed, the land areas were enhanced with shaded-relief imagery bringing the Earth's topography to life. For the ocean areas, WorldSat incorporated ocean floor relief data enhanced with SST (Sea Surface Temperature) data, which revealed major ocean currents across the Earth.

Richly colored blues, greens and ambers glow against a deep, matte black background. Sunlight is fixed at 45 degrees over the horizon in a north north-east orientation, creating a uniform shadow that clarifies relief for an excellent delineation of the mountains, plains and ocean floor features. (Order)

Scale: approximately 1:43,520,000 (at the Equator). 1" = 686 miles, 1cm = 435 km. Digital Image Processing by Robert Gray and Jim Knighton, on a SGI workstation. (Order)

This fabulous map is printed on 36" x 24" (92cm x 61cm) extra heavy-gauge high-gloss paper.

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Folded from the Dymaxion Map, this four-color 6 inch diameter globe generates conversation on global issues and solutions.Dymaxion Globe Fold-Up Puzzle

Make Your Own World!

Folded from the Our Spaceship Earth Satellite Self Portrait Dymaxion Map, this 6" icosahedral (20-sided) globe generates conversation on global issues and solutions. (Order)

Fuller's Projection Method

This fold-up globe is based on R.Buckminster Fuller's world map. Fuller created several world maps in his attempts to create a visually accurate flat rendition of a sherical globe. His final version was based on the icosahedron, a polyhedron with 20 equilateral triangular faces. Fuller first published his icosahedral version of the map in 1954. This is a cloud-free satellite image fold-up globe based on his icosahedral world map. (Order)

An Accurate Tool

All flat world map representations of a sherical globe contain some amount of distortion either in shape, area, distance, or direction measurements. On the well-known Mercator world map, Greenland appears to be three times its corresponding globe size and Antarctica appears as a long thin white strip along the bottom edge of the map. Even the popular Robinson Projection, now used in many schools, still contains a large amount of distortion with Greenland 60 percent larger than its corresponding globe size. (Order)

A New Perception of Earth

If a world map presents visually obvious distortions of our world, then our perceptions and presumtions become distorted. Every projection must make certain compromises as information is transferred from a spherical globe to a flat surface. As early as 1927, R. Buckminster Fuller began to search for and develop an accurate 2-dimensional world map. The Fuller Projection enables us to visualize the planet's surface in a single view without visually obvious distortions of the relative shapes, sizes or connections of the continents. (Order)

Teaches tactile skills, geometry, cartography, and a new perception of earth. Excellent for home schooling too! (Order)

Hang from the ceiling or a mobile, or place on your desk or table. Easy to build. Stand included. Ready to assemble with complete instructions. A great gift for ages 8 and up. (Order)

Globe and packaging made from recycled paper.

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The World of Buckminster Fuller, by Robert Snyder -- 90 minute award winning video

Video: "The World of Buckminster Fuller"

90 minute award winner. A film by Robert Snyder.

Dubbed by Marshall McLuhan as "The Leonardo da Vinci of our times," Buckminster Fuller was an architect, inventor, scientist, teacher and philosopher. (Order)  

He advocated intelligent use of the earth's resources to gain the maximum return for the minimum of material and energy expended. He produced numerous models to show how it could be done. (Order)

This comprehensive and up-close document shows not only the man and his motives, his ideas and inventions, but also illustrates his belief that the Utopia he envisioned is now within reach on our beautiful little spaceship called Earth. Einstein's great conceptioning can go from weaponry to livingry, and it is now practical; the metaphysical can really master the physical. (Order)

"As pure a record of Buckminster as would be possible to make. His voice and persona are the film... A holographic portrait of one of the great teachers of our time, transcribed in sight and sound for the archives of posterity." — L.A. Free Press. (Order)

"A mind-blowing session... A rare instance of genius graphically explained... far-out ideas in understandable form." — Variety.

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Video: "Reflections": R. Buckminster Fuller

A very personal discussion with Bucky. A 60-minute film by Academy Award Winner Robert Snyder and Jaime Snyder. (Order)

Winner of the CINE Golden Eagle Award, this 60 minute documentary contains footage of Fuller never seen before in any other film. (The movie has never been distributed in the U.S.) (Order)

Made for the Unites States Information Agency in 1977 by Academy Award winning filmmaker Robert Snyder and Jaime Snyder, the film gives us a substantive look at Fuller and his work. It also contains a wonderfully intimate sequence with him talking about his childhood, family and youth. We feel this is one of the best Buckminster Fuller films available. (Order)

Includes footage never shown before or since. Narrated by Joseph Campanella. VHS Color.

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Audio CDs: "Only Integrity Will Count" -- SOLD OUT

This is a five CD set from Critical Path Publishing. This CD set presents Buckminster Fuller on Integrity Day in Los Angeles, California, February 26, 1983. One of the reasons that Critical Path Publishing exists is to get R. Buckminster Fuller material into the hands of as many people as possible. -- SOLD OUT

"You never can catch universe unaware, not ready." "Universe never said, 'I don't know what to do about that,' " said R. Buckminster Fuller. "Bucky," as he was known, taught that universe operates in harmony and balance within eternal principles and laws without fail, and without contradiction or interference with each other. To him this was the integrity of universe. --SOLD OUT

In 1983, at age 87, during the last fours months of his life, Bucky gave a series of four all-day lectures titled "Integrity Day" to overflow audiences in four cities. This CD is the audio portion of a video of the first presentation, in Los Angeles, just days after he received the Presedential Medal of Freedom. -- SOLD OUT

Bucky hoped these "Integrity Days" would provide a forum for people to consider the importance of individual integrity as an essential catalyst to help humanity pass through what he called "Earthians' critical moment." -- SOLD OUT

This five-hour-long recording is a passionate summary of Bucky's ideas. He reviews his assessment of humanity's most pressing problems, global strategies for solving these problems, and the conclusions reached from his "56-year experiment." Thought-provoking questions from the audience are answered with Bucky's distinct humor and insight. -- SOLD OUT

This 5 CD set presents Buckminster Fuller on Integrity Day in Los Angeles, California, February 26, 1983.



Audio: "Is there enough to go around?" and
"Around the Universe with Buckminster Fuller"

With R. Buckminster Fuller.

From the New Dimensions Tapes series. Interview with the foremost thinkers, creative artists, scientists, social innovators and visionaries of our times. (Order)

New Dimensions tapes are verbatim recordings of the widely acclaimed and nationally syndicated weekly public radio series "New Dimensions," which is heard on approximately 200 stations across the United States and internationally via short-wave radio. Practical and visionary, these tapes offer an abundance of creative possibilities and intelligent insights. (Order)

The programs feature intimate and spontaneous conversations with leading thinkers and innovators in the realms of health, psychology, spirituality, literature, mythology, science, creativity, technology, ecology, relationships, philosophy, education, history, economics, and the arts. (Order)

One audio cassette.

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Bucky Works, by Jay Baldwin -- a great summary of Bucky's ideas

Bucky Works: Buckminster Fuller's Ideas for Today

by Jay Baldwin

A great summary of Bucky's ideas. (Order)

"A pleasure to read." —Architectural Review

"A wonderful, nontechnical introduction to one of this century's most fascinating minds." —Whole Earth Review

"Original ... [and] valuable, because it describes ... Fuller's original techniques." —Architectural Record (Order)

Architect, mathematician, engineer, inventor, visionary humanist, educator, inspirational orator, and best-selling author, R. Buckminster Fuller has been rightly called "the 20th-century Leonardo Da Vinci." Written by a fellow inventor who worked with Fuller for more than three decades, BuckyWorks is an inspiring celebration of the man, his ideas, his inventions — and his legacy for our future. Featuring over 200 photographs and drawings, plus dozens of fascinating excerpts from Fuller's lectures and conversations with the author, this book offers a breathtaking inside look at one of the truly great minds of our time. (Order)

J. Baldwin is an inventor and teacher who worked under, with, and for R. Buckminster Fuller for more than three decades. He served as an editor of the Whole Earth Catalog and the Whole Earth Review for 25 years.

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Critical Path, by Fuller & Kuromiya -- essential Bucky for the serious student

Critical Path

by Fuller & Kuromiya

Essential Bucky for the serious student.

"Critical Path is a state-of-the-art summary of human evolution." —Marilyn Fergusen, author of The Aquarian Conspiracy (Order)

The masterwork of a brilliant career, and an important document for the crisis now facing mankind. (Order)

Today we find ourselves in the midst of the greatest crisis in the history of the human race. Technology has placed in our hands almost unlimited power at the very moment when we have run up against the limits of our resources aboard Spaceship Earth, as the crises of the late twentieth century — political, economic, environmental, and ethical — determine whether or not humanity survives. In this masterful summing up of an entire lifetime's thought and concern, R. Buckminster Fuller addresses these crucial issues in his most significant, accessible, and urgent work. (Order)

Critical Path traces the origins and evolution of humanity's social, political, and economic systems from the obscure mists of prehisory, through the development of the great political empires, to the vast international corporate and political systems that control our destiny today to shoe how we got to our present situation and what options are available to man. With his customary brilliance, extraordinary energy, and unlimited devotion, Bucky Fuller shows how mankind can survive, and how each individual can respond to the unprecedented threat we face today. (Order)

The crowning achievement of an extraordinary career, Critical Path offers the reader the excitement of understanding the essential dilemmas of our time and how responsible citizens can rise to meet this ultimate challenge to our future. (Order)

Over the course of the eighty-eight years of his lifetime, R. Buckminster Fuller became perhaps the best known American thinker of the twentieth century. Sometimes called "the planet's friendly genius," Bucky had gained renown as an inventor and designer (of the Dymaxion House, the Dymaxion car, the Dymaxion map), the creator of the Geodesic dome, the man who coined the term "Spaceship Earth" and organized the World Game, the mathematician who discovered Synergetics, and as a dogged individualist whose genius has been felt throughout the world for over half a century.

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Buckminster Fuller: An Autobiographical-Monologue Scenario, by Robert Snyder -- an excellent primer written in plain English.

Buckminster Fuller: An Autobiographical/Monologue Scenario

(edited by Robert Snyder)

An excellent primer written in plain English.

Documented and edited by Robert Snyder. Amiable prophet of the future, "the planet's friendly genius," R. Buckminster Fuller is, at 84, the best-known living American thinker. (Order)

Architect, author, designer, cosmogonist, scientist, inventor, philosopher, and not the least, astronaut aboard the "beautiful little spaceship Earth." The torrent of ideas and inventions that flow from his active brain have widened our vision of man and nature and reshaped our view of the universe. (Order)

Based on Robert Snyder's films The World of Buckminster Fuller and Primer of the Universe, Buckminster Fuller: An Autobiographical Monologue/Scenario make skillful use of stills and text from the films as well as from Fuller family photographs and letters and the Fuller archives. Snyder has succeeded in capturing in the camera's lens the flesh and blood figure of the man beyond the myth, "warts and all." In this book, Bucky speaks for himself.

SOLD OUT - Awaiting reprint by Publisher
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Buckminster Fuller, Anthology for the New Millennium, edited by: Thomas T. K. Zung. -- Reprint of 20 chapters from various out-of-print Bucky books.  An excellent introduction to Bucky.

Buckminster Fuller, Anthology for the New Millennium

(edited by Thomas T. K. Zung)

A great introduction to the man and his work. Reprint of 20 chapters from various out-of-print Bucky books. (Order)

R. Buckminster Fuller , inventor, thinker, and architect, was one of the best-known Americans of the twentieth century. Often compared to Leonardo Da Vinci and called "the planet's friendly genius," he was inventor of the geodesic dome, the man who coined the term Spaceship Earth, and an educator without parallel. Yet today, most of his books are out of print. (Order)

To remedy this situation, his long-term friend and architectural partner, Thomas Zung, has compiled a Bucky Fuller reader. This anthology consists of chapters selected from twenty of Bucky's many books, each with a new introduction by such notables as Arthur C. Clarke, Steve Forbes, Calvin Tomkins, Martin Meyerson, Harold W. Kroto, Valerie Harper, Arthur L. Loeb, E. J. Applewhite, and others. (Order)

Altogether this book provides an overview of a remarkable intellectual career and the best possible introduction to the man and his thought. Bucky Fuller was one of the most original thinkers and builders America has ever produced, and this book will introduce his work to a new generation at the beginning of a new millennium.

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Buckminster Fuller's Universe, His Life and Work

(by Lloyd Steven Sieden)

"This work fully illustrates that a great man walked among us." — Larry King (Order)

"An absorbing biographical study" — Publishers Weekly (Order)

"Buckminster Fuller was one of a very small number of geniuses. This book greatly assists us in understanding [him]." — Richard Rogers, architect and chairman, Richard Rogers Partnership, Ltd. (Order)

"To have known Bucky and witnessed his disciplined dedication to humanity through engineering was an inspirational treat in my life. Lloyd Sieden's interpretations of his creative genius should greatly enhance public acknowledgement of [his] intellectual wisdom." — Dr. Buzz Aldrin, former astronaut (Order)

Buckminster Fuller, the brilliant and eccentric futurist philosopher, was one of the most creative contributors to innovative thought and technology in the twentieth century. Best known for his inventions, from the Geodesic Dome to the Dymaxion car and the concept of "Spaceship Earth," he was an incomparable designer, engineer, and architect. In this inspiring account of Fuller's life and legacy, Lloyd Steven Sieden shows how his integrity, intuition, and imagination had an astounding impact on the world. Buckminster Fuller's Universe brings new light to Fuller's belief system, recognizes his many contributions to humanity, and shows how to apply fuller's ideas to daily life. (Order)

Lloyd Steven Sieden is a lecturer, consultant, and educator with a specialty in the ideas of Buckminster Fuller. He has studied and explained Fuller's fifty-six year experiment for nearly twenty years and helps organizations and individuals implement the natural principles Fuller uncovered. He lives in Bellevue, Washington.

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Your Private Sky, R.Buckminster Fuller, The Art of Design Science, edited by: J. Krausse, C. Lichtenstein. -- Beautiful museum release of Bucky artifacts.  Lots of full-color prints.

Your Private Sky

The Art of Design Science

R. Buckminster Fuller
(edited by J. Krausse, C. Lichtenstein)

Beautiful museum release of Bucky artifacts. Lots of full-color prints. (Order)

As an engineer, a poet; as a designer, a philosopher; as a researcher, an artist — R. Buckminster Fuller established new standards that can be seen as decisive for future-capable design. How to make the world work — to this task, he dedicated his unflagging attention. (Order)

Convinced that specialists usually create more problems than they solve, he developed his concepts for a vision of the whole. In addition, in his unique way Fuller inter-linked the fields of architecture, geometry, eningeering, natural science and anthrpology. Catch phreases of our time, like Spaceship Earth, synergetic, or think global, act local — can directly or indirectly be traced back to "Bucky." (Order)

This book provides a highly multi-faceted insight into Fuller's world, also showing many of its up-to-now unknown sides. (Order)

[Webmaster's Note: This is the most beautiful of the books that GENI has available. A visual delight anywhere you open it. Includes photos of artifacts I have not seen anywhere else.]

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Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth, by R.B. Fuller -- we are all astronauts

Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth

by R. B. Fuller

We are all astronauts.

A blueprint for our survival. (Order)

Here is the perfect introduction to the thoughts of the world-famous philosopher, visionary, and multimedia thinker who has been called "the Leonardo of our age." (Order)

Operating Manual is even more relevant now than when it was first published in 1969. Here, in a mood at once philosophical and involved, Fuller traces human intellectual evolution and wieghs our capability for survival on this magnificent craft, thi Spaceship Earth. (Order)

Buckminster Fuller, probably most widely know for designing the geodesic dome and Dymaxion car (among twenty-six other patented inventions), was honored in his lifetime with dozens of international awards, and received thirty-nine honorary degrees from universities.

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Wholeness: on Education ,Buckminster and TaoWholeness : On Education, Buckminster Fuller, and Tao

By Alex Gerber Jr. (Paperback - March 2001)

This book is divided into three main chapters; as its subtitle suggests, the chapters focus upon Education, Buckminster Fuller, and the Tao. Unifying the theme of this scholarly, superbly crafted presentation is the concept of wholeness and how it applies to life in a world where so many are often blind to the whole picture that encompasses the countless different threads that make up the tapestry of global events.

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Grunch* of Giants

*Gross Universal Cash Heist

by R. B. Fuller


With the appearanceof Grunch of Giants, R. Buckminster Fuller consummates his literary canon, his panoramic lifetime survey of all aspects of the responsiblity of human beings for their own destiny. this book is a modern allergory - his long-gestated myth-of the villainy of capitalism and the fecklessness of classic economics. For Fuller, the academic discipline of economics is irrelevant since it derives form an invalid assumption of scarcity. In fact, he has long argued that future historians of our era may subsume our business practices as a branch of mythology; thus it is not surprising that the word economics appears nowhere in his text

Fuller's myth is no idle fairy tale, since he faces his question - the question of the technological imperative which only he could raise - with the deadly seriousness of satire. That question is: Can our system of national political sovereignities and corporate profits survive the inevitable technological revolution required to obviate wars by effecting a worldwide rise in the standard of living.

One of the functions or myth is to resolve contradictions in our culture. Grunch of Giants portrays the rising multinational corporations in the paradoxical role of functionion both as the epitome of capitalistic selfishness and as the inadvertent vehicle of the dissolution of national political boundaries - the last deterrent to a one-world economy.

The result is more subversive of the property and profit values of the capitalist system than anything dreamed of since Karl Marx.

-E.J. Applewhite, collaborator with RBF on Synergetics and SynergeticsII

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Guinea Pig 'B'

Spaceship Earth, Design Science, Synergy, Pattern Integrity

by R. B. Fuller


These now-famous terms to conceive of a better world were coined by R. Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983). Philosopher, inventor, and one of the boldest innovators of the 20th century, his work provides a blueprint for humanity to live abundantly on "Spaceship Earth" without destroying it.. (Order)

He even went so far as to whimsically label himself "Guinea Pig B, 'B' for Bucky" truly dedicating his life (from 1927 forward) to seeing what one man could do to benefit all humanity — what hw termed a 50 year experiment, growing to 56 years. (Order)

When he began his "experiment," he stated that he had to expand his knowledge a great deal and unlearn a great deal more — feeling that unlearning was the most difficult discipline. It became a pursuit of rethinking everything he knew, incessantly, and saturating himself with information — "cosmically adequate" information — considering all the possiblities, paying attention to all the clues nature provides. (Order)

His 56 year experiment enabled him to understand in an unprecedented way the integrity of the universe and the "design" of humans' ability to access and utilize the principles and laws governing universe. His intent was to design "artifacts" making their use so simple, easy, and efficient that the old, unworkable ways would simply be abandoned by humanity, while encouraging everyone to do their own thinking. To be optimally effective he knew he must set a good example. (Order)

The results were extraordinary: 28 patents, 42 honarary Doctorates, and 28 books published. And Bucky did not even earn an undergraduate degree (he was kicked out of Harvard twice, essentially for not applying himself). (Order)

Guinea Pig B reflects the wisdom that earned him praise as the "Leonardo da Vinci of our age," and made him the "godfather" of our increasing environmental/ecological awareness and practice.

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Vector Flexor, the *jitterbug* -- transforming nature's 3 primary shapes

Vector Flexor® Fold-a-Form — the "jitterbug"

Transforming nature's 3 primary shapes. Watch in amazement as the icosahedron devolves into an octahedron, then tetrahedron, and finally a small triangle. A must for those ordering Bucky for Beginners. (Order)

Create several different possible forms, including: triangle, pentagon, octahedron, tetrahedrons (macro and micro), God's eye, Star of David/involuted basket, rectangle, hour glass, mini dome, pin wheel, star, hexagon, twist trinity, pyramid, double tetra. (Order)

See Bucky do the Jitterbug

From Vector Equilibrium Educative Toys, Toys That Teach, TOBI Co..

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Bucky For Baginners, by Mark Laycock -- Fun and Easy, for all ages.

Bucky for Beginners

by Mary Laycock/

Fun and easy! Explore the world like Bucky! Find out how the world is really put together! (Order)

Teachers, parents, and grandparents, this is a great way to introduce fourth graders and above to the ideas, language, and concepts of Bucky. Explore each of the 31 progressive Synergetic Geometry activities in the book! (Order)

Follow the step by step instructions for each activity, with Teacher Notes at the end. Complete bibliography and set of templates for creating 3D models in each book. Don't let your children miss out! (and have some fun yourself!) (Order)

For kids age 8+. 64 pages. Large easy to read type. Get the Vector Flexor with this for a great gift package.

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Roger's Connection

Magnets have never been so addictive!

Magnetic Sculpture Toy/Building Set. Winner — Oppenheim Toy Portfolio™ Gold Seal Award. Winner — Parents' Choice Honor. (Order)

Roger's Connection is an award-winning construction toy that is fun for both children and adults. It is also a powerful learning tool. Simply playing with Roger's Connection opens the worlds of magnetic attraction, architectural design, geometry, sculpture, and molecular structure. (Order)

It can be useful in manual dexterity training for both old and young. Magnetic bearings can be made, allowing designs with spinning motion to be constructed. Roger's Connection can be enjoyed by children, students, educators, architects, designers, and scientists. Children can enjoy a uniquely constructive group activity that encourages collaboration. (Order)

Super-high-powered magnets are embedded in precision-molded recycled plastic rods. The magnets are recessed so that the steel connector balls fit precisely, allowing connections of almost any angle to be made. Up to twelve rods can be attached to a single ball. Multiple sets can be combined to build larger designs. (Order)

For Ages 7+. Contains 30 recycled plastic tubes embedded with high-power magnets and 14 nickel-plated steel balls. Lifetime Material Defect/Workmanship Replacement Warranty. (Order)

Child Safety Warning! - Choking Hazard! Small Balls! also magnets that can be dislodged. Keep away from children under 4. Caution! Magnetic material! Keep away from color TVs and monitors, computer drives, discs and tapes, audio and video tapes, and credit cards. From Design Science Toys.

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MAGZ is an exciting and fun game of creativity. Designed like Roger's Connection listed above, MAGZ is a colorful magnetic construction toy for ages 5+ with 56 pieces (36 bars & 20 balls).

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Super MAGZ 52

MAGZ is an exciting and fun game of creativity. Designed like Roger's Connection listed above, MAGZ is a colorful magnetic construction toy for ages 5+ with 52 pieces (32 bars & 20 balls). The bars are twice a large as in the MAGZ kit listed above.

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Zome Tool

Build your own bridge, DNA, or crystal. It's easy! The power to build new worlds is in your hands. Zome System is a true masterpiece of technology!. Anything else is just a toy!

Parent's Guide Children's Media Award Winner. The National Parenting Center 1999 Seal of Approval. Selected by Parent Council Ltd.. (Order)

There's no limit to the fun! Zome System is widely used by scientists, architects, chemists, engineers, mathematicians, and artists, but it's designed for kids! Based on the underlying structure of nature, Zome System is shape- and color-coded, so it's easy to build galaxies of ideas. Zome System links nature, science, mathematics, art and architecture. Build hundreds of models from simple to remarkable — the sky's the limit! (Order)

Zome construction kits build a new world of numbers, shapes, and space. Zome construction kits let you build in 62 directions in space, using the same proportions found in growing cells, crystals, and other natural forms. (Order)

Dip a Zome model in soap solution to make amazing geometric bubbles! Zome System is used in thousands of schools worldwide — and by leading scientists, mathematicians, artists and engineers. (Order)

Includes easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. Or explore new worlds by creating your own models. Tired of LEGO? Try ZOME. (Order)

Ages 6+. (Warning - Swallowing Danger: Zome system contains small parts that are NOT suitable for children under 3 years of age.) Zome Adventurer Kit (Basic). (242 pieces: 50 balls, 192 struts and instructions).

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