een wereldwijd elektriciteitsnet een oplossing voor veel problemen  GENI es una institución de investigación y educación-enfocada en la interconexión de rejillas de electricidad entre naciones.  ??????. ????????????????????????????????????  nous proposons la construction d’un réseau électrique reliant pays et continents basé sur les ressources renouvelables  Unser Planet ist mit einem enormen Potential an erneuerbaren Energiequellen - Da es heutzutage m` glich ist, Strom wirtschaftlich , können diese regenerativen Energiequellen einige der konventionellen betriebenen Kraftwerke ersetzen.  한국어/Korean  utilizando transmissores de alta potência em áreas remotas, e mudar a força via linha de transmissões de alta-voltagem, podemos alcançar 7000 quilómetros, conectando nações e continentes    
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About Us
Buckminster Fuller


A Centennial Symposium and Celebration—

Rediscovering the GENIus in us all

Please join us for this once-In-a-lifetime event. July 14-16, 1995 San Diego, CA

Dear GENI Friend;

The global energy grid is the World Game's highest priority objective. Ten years ago, this sentence from Critical Path (page 206) launched the GENI project. Because or your support, many energy planners and policy makers around the wand are now aware of this powerful vision and are advocating projects on every continent.

Buckminster Fuller, the source of this vision, would have been 100 years old this July 12, 1995. To honor and give tribute to the man Called the Leonardo Da Vinci of our century, GENI is co-hosting a three-day Centennial Symposium and Celebration in San Diego. Bucky said that we wore all born geniuses--but were damaged in our youth by our environment and societal ignorance of humanity's option to make it. With this event, we invite you to Rediscover the GENIus in us all.

You will get to play the World Game and engage in the fundamental question: How do we make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological damage or the disadvantage to anyone?

Study with the students and business people who worked side-by-side with Bucky in all his interests: cartography, mathematics, architecture, energy, education, transport, and atomic structures. Learn why comprehensive anticipatory design science is essential.

In previous issues of this newsletter, you have heard from many global experts about the validity of linking electrical systems between regions. Today we offer you the insights from Buckminster Fuller directly. His quotations make clear the elegance and efficiency of this global solution--and why he called the energy grid, the world's highest priority objective.

Invitations have circled the globe, and our new Home Page ( is available to all on the Internet. Come join us in San Diego. Like never before, this is an opportunity to study the genius and vision of Dr. Fuller. It will change your life forever.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen

GENI DIRECTORS AND OFFICERS: Len Bateman, Sara Beattie, Lowell Blankfort, Anthony Davis, Graeme Edwards, Joe Falcon, Floyd Geis, Nyhl Henson, Bill Shopoff, Joanalys Smith, Kerry Zurier, Peter Meisen


GENI ADVISORS: Raghbir Basi, Milton Byrd, David Cline, Mike Fisher, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Kiyosaki, Terry Lipman, Karen Morgan, Robert Muller, Glenn Olds, Malcolm Roberts, David Steven, Marshall Thurber

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Buckminster Fuller on the Global Energy Grid

Graphs of each of the world's 150 nations showing their twentieth-century histories of inanimate energy production per capita of their respective populations together with graphs of those countries' birthrates show without exception that the birthrates decrease at exactly the same rate that the per capita consumption of inanimate electrical energy increases. The world's population will stop increasing when and if the integrated world electrical energy grid is realized. This grid is the World Game's highest priority objective.

Critical Path, 1981, Fuller and Kuromiya

Copyright 1938, Buckminster Fuller Institute, Los Angeles. All rights reserved. The word Dymaxion and Dymaxion(TM) Map design are trademarks of the Buckminster Fuller Institute.

I have summarized my discovery of the option of humanity to become omnieconomically and sustainably successful on our planet while phasing out forever all use of fossil fuels and atomic energy generation other than the Sun. I have presented my plan for using our increasing technical ability to construct high-voltage, superconductive transmission lines and implement an around-the-world electrical energy grid integrating the daytime and nighttime hemispheres, thus swiftly increasing the operating capacity of the world's electrical energy system and, concomitantly, living standard in an unprecedented feat of international cooperation.

Cosmosgraphy, 1993, Fuller and Kuromiya

When Buckminster Fuller was asked by a 12 year old boy, How would you suggest solving international problems without violence? he answered: I always try to solve problems by some artifact, some tool or invention that makes what people are doing obsolete, so that it makes this particular kind of problem no longer relevant. My answer would be to develop a world energy grid, an electric grid where everybody is on the same grid.

All of a sudden there would be no problems any more, no international troubles. Our new economic basis wouldn't be gold or dollars; it would be kilowatt hours.

Fuller's Earth, 1983, Richard Brenneman

Because energy is wealth, the integrating world industrial networks promise ultimate access of all humanity everywhere to the total operative commonwealth of earth.

Utopia or Oblivion, 1969, Fuller

This now feasible, intercontinental network would integrate America, Asia and Europe, and integrate the night-and-day, spherically shadow-and-light zones of Planet Earth. And this would occasion the 24-hour use of the now only fifty per cent of the time used world-around standby generator capacity, whose fifty per cent unused capacities heretofore were mandatorily required only for peakload servicing of local non-interconnected energy users. Such intercontinental network integration would overnight double the already-installed and in-use, electric power generating capacity of our Planet.

Telegram to Senator Edmund Muskie, Earth, Inc., 1973, Fuller.

NEW GENI Computer Animation

GENI's new 10 minute IBM PC animation shows the major issues of a global electrical grid. Requires 1MB SVGA, VESA 1.2 graphics card and 2.6 MB XMS or EMS memory,

GENI Support and Products

  • Dymaxion™ Globe
    Folded from the Dymaxion™ Map, this four-color 6" globe generates conversation on global issues and solutions.

  • GENI Video:
    A WIN-WIN Solution

    A 15 minute discussion by ten delegates who participated in the International Workshop in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in July 1991. The consensus statement strongly corroborated the GENI initiative as very credible. It's a win-win proposal for everyone involved.

Fuller Projection Air-Ocean World Dymaxion Map -- Beautiful four color poster

The Buckminster Fuller Institute owns all rights to the Dymaxion™ Map design. The word Dymaxion™ and the Dymaxion™ Map design are trademarks of the Buckminster Fuller Institute. The Map is copyrighted by the Buckminster Fuller Institute, 1938, and is used here by permission.

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Discount Before June 15
Dymaxion™ Map

Beautiful four color poster printed on heavy-gauge paper.

Fuller Projection Air-Ocean World Dymaxion Map -- Beautiful four color poster (34 inches X 22 inches).

Promises to generate discussions in your home and office.

GENI Mission — GENI is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation committed to improving the quality of life for everyone without damage to the planet.

Two decades
ago, the late R. Buckminster Fuller
proposed interconnecting regional power
systems into a single continuous global electrical
energy grid. • While this vision is still years away, tech-
nological advances have made the linking of international and
inter regional energy networks practicable today. • Transmission
lines allow utilities to level the peaks and valleys of demand. This is
accomplished between East-West time zones, as well as North-South
seasonal variations in demand. • The origin of the energy grid initiative
emerged as the highest priority of the World Game™. Its stated purpose
is “to make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible
time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological damage or the
disadvantage of anyone.” Research reveals that these major benefits will
result from expanding electrical networks. • Increase in everyone’s stan-
dard of living • Reduction of fossil fuel demand and the resultant pollu-
tion • Relief of the population explosion • Reduction of world hunger
• Enhancement of world trade • Promotion of international
cooperation and peace • The purpose of GENI, Global
Energy Network Institute, is to educate all people,
especially world leaders, to the potential
benefits of this global
solution. •

"Real wealth is not gold. Real wealth is knowing what to do with energy."

Buckminster Fuller

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