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About Us


Our Mission is to accelerate the attainment of optimal, ecologically sustainable energy solutions in the shortest possible time for the peace, health and prosperity of all.


Global Energy Network Institute (GENI) is a tax exempt, IRS Sec 501(c)(3), organization in the United States of America. We conduct research and educational activities related to the international and inter-regional transmission of electricity, with a specific emphasis on the interconnection of renewable energy resources.

Integrated resource usage is currently not possible without interconnections and high voltage transmission.

Our research to date finds that, using today's technology, the interconnection of large scale renewable resource energy is an economic and environmentally sustainable solution.

In considering the decision making processes of the global electricity industry, there exist three areas of activity that will accelerate the attainment of optimal energy solutions:

First, the industry must be convinced that interconnection of renewable energy sources via high voltage transmission networks is both a financially viable and highly desirable global energy option;

Second, the general public and their representative organizations need to be aware of sustainable global energy options; and

Third, our policy makers need to be aware of global, sustainable energy options when determining their regional policy direction and legislation.


The activities of GENI have focused on researching the development of transmission and distribution networks as a viable option to meet our global energy requirements. Clear evidence indicates that large scale remote renewable energy resources can be made available via high-voltage transmission. Extensive progress has been accomplished. GENI continues to work with the electricity industry to explore the implications of interconnections around the world.

GENI has identified a hurdle for the industry's wider use of interconnection of large scale renewable energy resources: the lack of a suitable, validated computer simulation model to demonstrate the cost/benefit analysis of such a scenario, which includes a comparison with other energy scenarios, for example, those of the World Energy Council.


To accelerate the decision making and approval process, we have initiated a Computer Simulation Project, enlisting the active support of the electricity industry and the Society for Computer Simulation's Mission Earth project.

To leverage our communication with the general public, we have initiated, in collaboration with Earth Vision Productions, a Documentary Film Project suitable for international broadcast media.

To leverage the education of the industry and our policy makers, we work with other organizations promoting global sustainable development, are actively involved in international meetings, and are discussing with several United Nations departments to co-sponsor an International Conference on Electrical Interconnections.


All people having access to ecologically sustainable energy.




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