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Accelerate the attainment of the GENI vision. Your participation can take many forms. Click on the links below for more information.

Contribute Your Money/Assets

Make a pledge to help bring this vision into reality. Become a monthly donor! You can contribute:

  • Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate. Make note of them on the GENI pledge form.

  • Put GENI in your will or create a charitable remainder trust. Please make note of it on the GENI pledge form.

  • Fund a booth for GENI at your next trade show. Contact GENI to find out where our booth is scheduled to be. Call the nearest GENI office for details.

  • If you have another type of asset (that is convertable into cash or a cash flow) that you would like to pledge, please make note of it on the GENI pledge form.

  • Contribute computers or software. Help GENI's volunteers and interns continue their research and continue to upgrade this site. Contact the GENI Webmaster for details

GENI has project funding requirements of:

GENI is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation committed to improving the quality of life for everyone without damage to the planet. Global and local activities are needed to accelerate the accomplishment of the GENI initiative. Your participation can take many forms be it your time, expertise, talents, financial donations, contacts or influence.

When you use the pledge form, fill it in,.and submit it online. Or, print it and we will receive it by fax (619-595-0403) or mail it to GENI (see the address on this page). We will invoice you by mail.

If you have questions, please call us at 619-595-0139 or E-mail us at: info@geni.org .

Thank you so much for your commitment...
  ...for a world of peace, health and prosperity for all.

Contribute Your Time or Expertise

Bringing an idea to the world needs assistance in many ways.

  1. Volunteer to assist the GENI affiliate group nearest you.

  2. Write a letter to your favorite magazine or newspaper about GENI. GENI has excellent opinion editorials already written for you to submit. Call the nearest GENI office for details.

  3. Mention GENI to your favorite newsgroups.

  4. Create links to www.GENI.org from your site and related sites (please let us know when this happens, so that we can create a reciprocal link on our supporters page). Need help? Contact the GENI Webmaster

  5. Add a link to the GENI site to the signature file of your email messages. For example: -- Support GENI. Visit www.geni.org --

  6. Add a line to your business cards, stationary, newsletter, and ads.
    For example:
    -- Support GENI. Visit www.geni.org --

  7. Schedule a presentation about the GENI Initiative for your trade association, annual meeting, or other group.

  8. Fund a booth for GENI at your next trade show. Call the nearest GENI office for details.

  9. Host a fund raising event. Call the nearest GENI office for details.

  10. Participate in the GENI Forum.

  11. Make a suggestion about GENI or about the GENI site.

Contribute Your Contacts

We need to reach the key leadership in all countries. Please share this information with your nation's policy-makers, business executives, media and spiritual leaders and (just as importantly) your friends and family.

Next time you're talking with someone about GENI (in person or on the telephone), conference call with GENI in San Diego at 619-595-0139, so we can help you with any questions or participation ideas.



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