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Office of the
Prime Minister
Cabinet du
Premier ministre
Ottawa, Canada K1A 0A2

August 14, 2000

Mr. Peter Meisen
Global Energy Network Institute
P.O. Box 81565
San Diego, California 92138

Dear Mr. Meisen:

                On behalf of the Right Honourable Jean Chretien, I would like to acknowledge receipt of your correspondence of July 19 regarding the creation of a global electrical energy network.

                Please be assured that your comments, offered on behalf of Global Energy Network Institute, have been carefully reviewed. I have taken the liberty of forwarding a copy of your correspondence and accompanying documentation to the Honourable Lloyd Axworthy, Minister of Foreign affairs, for his information and consideration.

                Thank you for writing to the prime minister.

                Yours sincerely,

                Belinda Kent
                Special Assistant

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