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Is the global grid going to do anything for the villages across the planet that have no electricity?

Key Words:

global grid, local villages, planet, no electricity, long range projects, proposal, multiple tracks, small developing villages, simple renewable power station, multiple sources, water pumps, refrigerators, vaccines, childhood diseases, developed world, survival, underdeveloped world, standard of living, quality of life, crop cycles, small business development, power supply, cycle of improvement, total demand increases


The effect of the grid on a local village is a long range project. Its not meant to be an either/or proposal, rather its an and/both. You need to be working down multiple tracks at the same time.

What's needed today in small developing villages is a simple renewable power station utilizing multiple sources (e.g. solar, wind, and/or water), allowing water to be pumped to the village.

The other most important need is a simple refrigerator for vaccines for childhood diseases. These two things are taken for granted in the developed world, and are a matter of survival in the underdeveloped world today.

When these two things are provided, they raise the village's standard of living and improve the quality of life. Electricity for irrigation can improve crop yields, allowing people to feed themselves and sell the excess for income. It also allows the start of numerous small businesses.

As the standard of living improves, the village can improve its power supply and/or link with other villages, and the cycle of improvement continues. As links to other villages spread, total demand on the grid increases.

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