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How can I convince governments with enough coal to last for centuries to switch to renewable resources?

Key Words:

governments, coal, renewable resources, energy source equivalent, cheaper bottom line for consumers, dollars, standard of living, environmentally concerned citizens, centuries, fossil fuel, nuclear energy sources, expensive cleanup problems


First, you have to provide another energy source that's equivalent or cheaper on the bottom line to the consumer. In many states, a consumer can now choose his energy service provider, with the option of renewable in several markets. Some customers are willing to pay a premium for this renewable choice.

When these renewable resources become cost equivalent to fossil generated power, the renewable market will accelerate as the consumer will also realize the environmental benefit.

The biggest hurdle is often about jobs, as many thousands of workers and their companies may face a downsizing.

As climate change becomes more urgent, both leaders and concerned citizens want a shift to more sustainable energy production and use.

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