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What about building underwater - wouldn't you lose a lot of electricity - and wouldn't it be very expensive to cross the oceans?

Key Words:

underwater electricity transmission lines, profits, global electricity grid, R. Buckminster Fuller, Dymaxion Map, links, ground lines, costs, France, England, Scandinavian countries


Electricity is already flowing in HVDC cables underwater in a number of places. For instance, underwater links connect France to England, Morrocco and Spain,and the Scandinavian countries to Europe. Underwater cables require extra protection, plus converter/invertor stations at each end, so the costs are often triple the typical overhead line expense.

The underwater portions of the global electricity grid would be relatively short, since most links are across straits. GENI uses Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Map to show that high-voltage tranmission lines are primarily over land. There are relatively few underwater linkages to be crossed: Bering Strait, Gibraltor, Hormuz, Suez, Malacca and Timor.

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Updated 01/07/2002


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