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What events do you think will have to take place, in the environment, in society, etc., in order for world leaders to build an international electricity grid?

Key Words:

events, environment, society, international leaders, international electricity grid, international, national, local, decisions, choices, newsletters, campaign, wars, disasters, mass demonstrations, letter writing, e-mail


There may be several factors that move leaders to act: emergencies or breakdowns in the system, opportunities to preserve national capital and resources, even one's stature as a statesman. International, national, and even climatic events all play an important role in helping leaders make the decisions that will allow the grid to be built.

It might be due to a series of wars, catastrophic natural disasters, a mass demonstration, or a determined letter writing/e-mail campaign. This is difficult to predict.

In most cases, the engineers will identify an interconnection that makes economic sense between the two nations. This plan will be studied by the state departments and vetted by the financial community. If all parties can agree that the link will be mutually beneficial, it can then move forward.

All of the world's existing government leaders have received information about the GENI project via GENI newsletters, UN conferences and global energy meetings since 1991.

In the early 1990s there were 50 nations that had bilateral trade of electricity. Today there are 100 nations who trade electricity across borders. Most nations have plans to do the same in their respective regions.

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