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Are the politics involved in establishing electrical connections across national boundaries insurmountable?

Key Words:

politics, electrical connections, national boundaries, political hurdles, education, awareness, letter writing, publications, Berlin Wall, politicians, Leipzig, Poland


Certainly many of the political hurdles are difficult. Yet, half of the nations in the world now trade electricity with a neighbor nation. This is double the number of just 10 years ago.

Borders that seemed impossible have now been linked: Israel to Jordan, Spain to Morrocco, and the East/West German link of 1990. Today, projects are progressing in Central America, the Persian Gulf, The ASEAN network, plus all nations of South America.

In fact, the energy ministers of Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America have pledged to work towards grid interconnection on each continent as quickly as possible.

The mission of GENI is education first. Politicians didn't bring the Berlin wall down. It was half a million people in the streets of Leipzig and Poland before that. Once people become aware that there is something better to do than what they've been doing in the past, then they can start to write letters and talk about it in publications!


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